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Locally grown, locally based.

We are guides, modelling and facilitating best practices for innovative thinking and creative problem solving, both individually and in a collaborative group process. 

We are mediators and moderators who serve as a buffer between stakeholders in the tense moments. 

We are critical systems thinkers and researchers who see interconnections and intervention points. 

We are strategic communicators who will give you clarity on your next steps.

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Collaborative Design Strategist

Jenny Whyte is a Collaborative Design Strategist based in Cobourg. She is a dynamic and innovative professional with 4 years of experience in research, design strategy and facilitation; consulting and executing creative insights and outcomes for diverse industries. Leveraging a Masters level education in Strategic Foresight and Innovation she drives impactful community and client-centered solutions and future minded strategy. She is passionate about finding and unleashing community capacity to achieve more by working together more effectively.


Community Connector and Advocate

Jeff Wheeldon is a REALTOR® based in Brighton. His academic training equipped him with both a systems mindset and a deep desire to help people and communities flourish. He has run for public office at every level in this region, and remains actively involved in the community, giving him direct knowledge of current issues and access to a broad network of stakeholders here. He strives to moderate differences and divisions, and root political discussions in our shared goals, to allow us to work together for a better future.