Everything is Designed.

Everything is designed; there is no question of whether something has been designed, only by whom? And in what context? And how well? And with what values?

Our communities are made of social structures and institutions that shape our lives. They are powerful: they determine what is possible, both now and in the future. They can empower us to do great things together, or they can limit our conception of what is even possible. What is possible tomorrow depends on the structures we determine, by design or by default, today.

To choose not to design today is to choose the default: someone else's design, either a design from the past or a design from someone else, somewhere else, today. Either way it is from a different context, with different goals, needs, possibilities, and limitations.

Our community has its own needs. Our community has its own assets and limitations. Our community can determine its own possibilities. Together, we can design our own future.

Collaborative Design Strategies brings communities together to design their own futures. We empower them through facilitated sessions and models of strategic analysis to understand their current context and the tools available to them, to shape the institutions that shape their community today, and their possibilities for tomorrow.

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