The world of tomorrow is the one that we build today.

Your Town is a suite of professionally facilitated planning projects that use collaborative design to help your community develop a vision for its own future and write the map that will get you there. Each project focuses on a particular aspect of your institutions, places, or relationships, that combine to form your life together. We bring together members from your community to produce a plan that is distinctly yours.

Your Town can be purchased as a whole, or projects can be selected a la carte;
either way, we custom-design the projects to fit Your Town.

Assembly Hall


We live in a democracy, but our democratic systems are often centuries old, under-resourced, and difficult to access, resulting in inefficient processes, frustrated staff, and strained communities. This project brings members of the community together to perform a “teardown” of its democratic institutions, taking them apart piece by piece to understand how they work, identify any pieces that need to be fixed, or if necessary, replaced entirely. The result is a more unified and engaged community, with systems that are more efficient and effective at representing and supporting community members through growth and change.

Helping Hands


Your community is held together by a web of volunteers, non-profits, and government agencies who support your fellow residents in their special needs. Senior care, childcare, disability supports, anti-poverty programs, youth drop-ins, food and drug programs, and more. Most of this work happens behind the scenes, invisible to most of us. The Community Cares project creates a systems map of all of the caring work that happens in your community, allowing your town to celebrate the work of all of these groups and individuals; develop a greater sense of the interdependence of living in a community; identify the strengths, weaknesses, and overlaps of your local programs; and look for gaps that your neighbours might be falling through, so that your town can move forward without leaving anyone behind.



We humans are as much a part of the ecosystem as any other species, and we depend on ecosystem services to clean our water and air, provide food and beauty, protect us from disasters, and more. This project engages community members in surveying the ecological integration of your community to see where negative environmental impacts can be addressed or reversed, so that your town is working with nature rather than against it. Participating community members will generate climate adaptation plans consisting of policies, technologies, and best practices to reduce emissions and build resiliency to the impacts of climate change in your community.



Thriving communities enjoy a balance between business and culture; or put another way, communities that support both business and culture tend to thrive, with the arts and small businesses having a mutually beneficial effect. At the same time, more and more businesses are recognizing that collaboration is better than competition. This project engages the business community to map the local business ecology. You’ll identify ways to support each other and the broader community through B2B collaborations that instil your products and services with a sense of place and community that is unique to your town.

Green Indoors

[YOUR TOWN] 2070

How can you create your future if you haven’t yet considered it? This community based world-building project brings your citizens together to physically create a 'felt sense' of a potential future. This project leads your community through a traditional foresighting project aimed at increasing Futures Literacy amongst your citizens. [YOUR TOWN] 2070 is practically useful when considering long term strategic planning initiatives and agendas, but is brought alive with community and creativity. Project highlights could include creating an immersive Time Machine art exhibition depicting aspects of your town in 2070, made available for all of your community to see.



Your town is more than a collection of buildings; it’s the environment in which you live and move and relate to each other in community and commerce and productivity. As communities grow, the Planning decisions they make will determine the shape and character of the community well into the future. This project provides a vision for the Municipal Planner by facilitating a thorough and engaging public consultation process that informs your community members as much as it gives them opportunities to be heard and involved.